Trip to Nicholson Museum

Last year, year 7 visited Nicholson Museum as part of the Year 7 History Curriculum. The museum had many interesting artefacts and relics to observe from the extensive time period in which Pharaohs ruled in Ancient Egypt.

In the early morning of the excursion date, Year 7 boarded the buses. After a few hours, we arrived at our destination. The first thing we all did when we got off was quickly have recess, as the journey was very time-consuming and long.

After we had our snacks, we were divided into groups of 2 and assigned to our guides. Both groups explored and analysed many different types of ancient Egyptian remains – from the very pots in which a Pharaoh’s organs were kept in, to the actual bodies that were mummified centuries ago.

We also did a few interesting activities on some relics from the time period of ancient Egypt, including identifying the correct places on a huge hand-made Lego construction.

After the tiring activities, we were allowed to purchase some merchandise from the UNSW Museum Store. There were many interesting things on sale, such as customised pencils, key rings and coins, but the prices were also very high, therefore limiting most of our purchases.

Then we had a long and enjoyable lunch just outside the museum, on the tables and seats arranged. We were allowed to buy from the food stores next to us with a teacher supervising us, and most of us did. We talked about the museum and all of what we had seen, and as time flies when you’re having fun, it was already time to go.

We thanked our guides and quickly boarded the buses back to school. The buses arrived at school not exactly on time, but minutes late. Overall, it was a great day had by all and also one where we had learnt many new things about the people of our past and their ways of life.














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